Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Well lots has happened

1) Passes Prelims

2) Played in two 1000 pt team tournies with Dark Angels
        a) lost two won one
        b) won two lost one

3) New Dark Angel book out soon

4) Circle Celestial Fulcrum Bought painted and used once

5) Played in a X-wing tourney got 5th out of 20

6) Sold Cygnar started Rhulic nearly 15pts painted

7) Played a Giant game of Warmachine in Pullman Pics and Battle report to come
Some pics

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kueger and his pet Trees

Some non-dark angel painting. This completes my 35pt Kreuger list if I use a wold warden instead of a wold guardian. EKreuger's pupils are really big I need to fix that. I put Ekreug on a Kraye's rock to avoid the angled down staff and surprised look.

Monday, November 5, 2012

termis in progress

Going to be in Pullman for a 1000pt team tourney and I have come up with a 18 model list (easy for shipping)


Termi command
Banner, Assault Cannon, 2 chainfists, serg with lightning claws

Assault cannon, serg with power sword and storm bolter, 2 w chainfists

Full 6 2 plasma guns, Serg with melta bombs, attack bike with multi melta

Here are 2 of the 17 models painted and ready to go

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Beginnings

I will soon be buying Dark Vengeance with the credit I got from selling tau and then trading to double the Dark Angels contents. I also traded from some Razorbacks/Rhino they are work in progress. They came with and base coat and some silver dry brushing. These are a work in progress I hope to do some weathering powder on the treads and the bottom. I did the highlighting.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nearly PhD. prelim taking painting frenzy!!!

Some new circle painted and not based. This will finish up my Baldur 35pt list

I have found the sitting out the figures I need painted to complete a pre-written list really helps. Plus, these guys were really easy to assembly line.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Iron Kingdoms RPG review

So I have run two games of the IKRPG. One after having the book for a single evening and one just today. I think I would give this game a 9, yes 9, out of 10. For comparison I would give 4th ed dnd a 6 and 3rd ed a 7.

The things I like:

1) Super fast fights  ( really we did four fights in two and half hours with role playing on either side and some table talk, coke buying, and other people distractions)

2) Warmachine Mechanics (if you don't like warmachine you likely will not like this)

3) Deadly. Yea you start with like 10 hit points and only ever get to about 20 at most if you really invest in it

4) Lots  of character creation freedom. Sure the careers tell you what you get but.... you pick two out of around 20 careers, you pick a race, and you pick an archetype. Beyond that you pick which stats to up and buy equipment (which can really make a difference in this game)

5) Armor makes you easier to hit and harder to hurt.... There have been far too many moments in Dnd when I was like so......... I wear armor and I dodge better? What?!? I know they are just making it simple as AC represents both nimbly bimblyness and armor but I think those should always be separate.

6) Privateer Press is giving some nice stuff away. Character sheets, Extra monsters, a starting adventure, and encounter sheets (for GMs these rock! Ever wanted a pre-made sheet with the monsters hit points and initiative tracker on the same easy it is) Also they are providing extra monsters and adventures in their bi-monthly magazine.

7) Plays in inches. If you are wargamer you have terrain. I sat up the area for all four encounters on a standard 6' by 4' warhammer table and the players moved seamlessly from encounter to encounter. No more time drawing maps.... and it is very cinematic. Having terrain appeals to me as a wargamer it is much nicer than hand drawn maps.

8) Players can dodge or heal themselves no need for a player to play the "healer". The feat points (much like action points in 4th ed dnd or drama dice in 7th sea) are truly the fuel of the party. Will they use them for offense  or defense?

9) Warjacks can be customized. It's awesome.....

10) the equipment, weapons, and armor make a difference..... a big one.....

Things I don't like

1) I want more.....more warjacks, more spells, more everything

2) Not much for Gamemasters. Only a few monsters in main book and the encounter building guide has serious typos and is not very helpful. I had to run test encounters to figure out what player's could handle.

Overall a great system with great background and rich in depth world.

Totally worth the 60 bucks....especially if you already play warmachine/hordes.

Some pics from the game

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Grayle and Friends

As promised picture of Grayle, the lord of the feast and the Druid Wilder. Also included are the first two figures I ever painted two battle Mechs!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Grayle for the win

Played some great games of warmachine last night.....

Game 1 Win against Dan Circle on Circle Cassius vs Grayle (me)
Dan normally plays Menoth and Cygnar was dabbling with his wife's Circle

Game 2 Win against the new guy (I suck with names sorry dude)
Took an alternate starter circle list for 15pts with Pbaldur Megalith, Woldwyrd, and Woldwatcher again PKreoss starter and min choir and a vassal
I won with the cheap forest to forest move assassination after killing his vassal with a woldwatcher (thus creating a forest next to Kreoss)

Game 3 Loss "Jeff's Revenge"
Grayle (me) versus P Butcher (Khador)
Was slowly losing to the Khador made an attack run by Grayle that missed by an eighth of a inch (after two side steps) The Butcher then "one shoted" Grayle

Grayle is now my favorite warlock (it's official) ....internets be damned.... pics to follow of fully painted Grayle list (still kinda in progress though)


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Epic Baldur and firiends

Inspired by finishing Megalith I worked on Epic Baldur late last night after work and study. Here are the results. I also got a Wold wyrd done during the day and finished a druid. I say "finished" the druid because when I bought him from my friend Charles of Da Momma Boyz many of the druids had been started. 

I think Ebaldur may be my favorite figure I have painted to date.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This is straight off the painting table. This actually took a look more work than it looks like. To repose the arms out of their "Y" in the YMCA (as Jeff called it) you have to sculpt parts of the shoulders and glue things where they should not be glued. at any rate his proximal humerous was sculpted by me. I also extended the branches so I could add the foliage to his back.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dropzone commander Rulebook review long overdue

Have been reading 6th edition 40k and figuring out how to play Tau in this edition. Also I have been painting fire warriors and few Cygnar models. I hope to have the Tau done soon after returning back to Madison.

I also purchased the rulebook to Dropzone Commander and have a lengthy review below.

Dropzone Commander Review

                I will start this review by saying I have not yet played a single game of Dropzone Commander, but I have had the rulebook for nearly a week and have thoroughly read the rules and army lists. First off I will start with the very few negative aspects of the book. There are a few typos in the book. This is to be expected in the first edition, especially when the book was produced with a single author. Also there are a few confusing point costs, especially among the light drop ships. For each of these, two point values are listed, but it is not made clear which version costs which point amount. I believe the light dropshop that carries troops is the more expensive. Also the Scourage have the ability to upgrade their infantry but the point cost for doing this is listed as “X”. The only other detractor in the game is the Energy to Armor table which could have been made clearer. As it is, if the E of the weapon is equal to the A of the vehicle is requires a roll of a 5+ to damage it.  The Armor values simply could have been raised such that you roll a die and the E value of the weapon if it beat the armor a point it done. These are the only bad portions of the game and honestly if these are the only complaints for the first edition of a game, it is well written.
                                The background to this game is highly original. While each of the races are similar to those in other games, the combination of these races and interactions between them seems realistic and logical. Each of the races is interesting enough to warrant playing them. The first race in the game is the United Colonies of Mankind(UCM). These are the remains of the human race flung to the outskirts of space after losing Earth and its close colonies to the Scourge invaders. The Shal’tari while are very similar to the eldar, but attempts to manipulate the other races makes them interesting. The Scourge are essentially the puppet masters of Heinlein and the borg put together. They are parasites which constantly need new hosts. The Scourge conquered earth 150 years ago, but have not located the UCM colonies. The final race in the game is the Post Human Republic. These humans are the descendants of humans who headed the warning of a mysterious white sphere that landed on Earth. This sphere predicted the attack of the Scourge and those who escaped with it have adopted cybernetic technology. They like the UCM have been building a military in the 150 year since the Scourge invasion.
                The game uses d6’s and all measurements are made in inches. The recommended board size is 4’x4’ for most games and seems like it would take much less time to play than 40k or large games of warmachine. The scale of the game is 10mm, but from the photos in the book the detail looks like good. The book is softback and full color and all of the photos are of the figures  and full color.
The rules are interesting a simple, but allow for more complex game play as special rules are given to the individual armies and units within them. There are two major breaks from traditional miniature games. The first is that players rarely deploy their forces before the game. Most units within most scenarios fly unto the board within drop ships. While players do have the option to not provide transport for their units, given the slow movement of most units, this would prove an unwise decision in most scenarios. The second aspect is alternating unit activation. While this is not a new idea, the Spartan games have made use of this and others, alternating activation along, lack of static deployment, and objective based scenarios, should make for a new and unique gaming experience.
                Included in the book are 12 scenarios which are mostly objective based. Each of the 12 scenarios features a small variant option making a total of 24 different battles to play. The focus in most the scenarios is getting infantry into building and then finding and taking the objective off the board. In many of the scenarios objectives is not a location but instead an item or person. Therefore they can be taken from the building.  There are other objective such as focal points, which are similar to 40k objectives and most be held by keeping units nearby.
                Army building is point based along with a slightly complicated force organization chart (FOC). The FOC requires that a mix of infantry and vehicles be taken. This forces variety in armies, however, is not a problem as it is expected that only mixed unit armies would be successful in the game. Infantry is required to enter buildings and take objectives, but tanks are much more deadly than infantry. The only close combat that occurs in the game takes place in building between infantry. The building close quarters fighting is swift and brutal. This phase is also the portion of the game that can require more than 10 d6’s.
                The individual armies play quite differently. The United Colonies of Mankind and Post Human Republic are somewhat similar, but the PHR and much more elite. The scourge plays very differently from the other races as they are much faster, only reliably fire at close range, and have several units that must be in base to base to fight (a rare range in Dropzone Commander). The Shal’tari, instead of having traditional drop ships has gates. This allows them to move between two gates on the battlefield. The Shal’tari do not have to assign which units on are which ships. As mentioned previously units are very slow and drop ships seem to be essential for battlefield mobility.
                In closing, this game promises original game play which I look forward to trying out. More to come on the models and individual card decks as I see them.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Well I have thumbed through my copy of Warhammer 6th edition and I must say I think this is the best edition yet. The rules have been solidified and frankly make a lot of sense. Here is my 1500pt tau list I intend to try first....

tau  1500 (1498pts)
1500pt Tau Empire 4th Ed (2006) Roster (Standard)


* HQ (120pts)

    * Commander (120pts)
        Hard-Wired Blacksun Filter , Missile Pod , Multi-Tracker, Plasma Rifle, Shas'el, Stimulant Injector
        * Hard-Wired Drone Controller
            2x Gun Drone

* Elites (392pts)

    * Stealth Team (173pts)
        4x Burst Cannon
        * Shas'ui
            * Drone Controller
                Gun Drone
        * Shas'ui
            * Drone Controller
                Gun Drone
        * Shas'ui
            * Drone Controller
                Gun Drone
        * Shas'ui
            * Drone Controller
                Gun Drone
        * Team Leader
            Bonding Knife, Hard-Wired Blacksun Filter

    * XV8 'Crisis' Battlesuit Team (219pts)
        * Shas'ui
            Missile Pod, Multi-Tracker, Plasma Rifle
        * Shas'ui 
            Missile Pod, Multi-Tracker, Plasma Rifle
        * Shas'ui 
            Missile Pod, Multi-Tracker, Plasma Rifle
        * Team Leader (33pts)
            Bonding Knife, Hard-Wired Blacksun Filter
            * Hard-Wired Drone Controller
                2x Gun Drone

* Troops (571pts)

    * Fire Warrior Team (138pts)
        12x Pulse Rifle, 12x Shas'la
        * Shas'ui
            Bonding Knife, Hard-Wired Blacksun Filter

    * Fire Warrior Team (223pts)
        12x Pulse Rifle, 12x Shas'la
        * Devilfish
            Disruption Pod, Gun Drones
        * Shas'ui
            Bonding Knife, Hard-Wired Blacksun Filter

    * Kroot Carnivore Squad (210pts)
        12x Kroot , 3x Krootox Rider
        * Shaper
            Kroot Rifle

* Fast Attack (65pts)

    * Piranha Light Skimmer Team (65pts)
        * Piranha
            Burst Cannon, Disruption Pod

* Heavy Support (350pts)

    * Hammerhead Gunship (170pts)
        Blacksun Filter , Disruption Pod, Multi-Tracker, Railgun, Two Burst Cannons

    * Hammerhead Gunship (180pts)
        Blacksun Filter, Disruption Pod , Multi-Tracker, Railgun, Smart Missile System

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lots of painting in the last two weeks and i have been thinking about the new 6th edition 40k rules next week will have my 6th edition Tau lists for now here are a lot of pictures.

Justin Out

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I have been living in Montrose, Colorado for the past few weeks and will be here until late summer. I have brought some figures from my newly acquired Tau army as well as my slowly building Cygnar army to paint while out here. Here are the first ones.

I know the kroot are not really all that creative but I like them. I need to find an old school stealth team leader, though by the looks of the 6th edition 40k rumors assault weapons may not be all they used to be. The sentinel (the cygnar light) is one of my favorite jacks. The internet truly hates it but I wonder what rules they are reading. D6 pow 10 shots is down right amazing for 4 points. With Kraye these become boosted and with PHaley all targets are typically -2 def. It also has shield guard which I feel is highly under rated (especially with Kraye). 

At any rate I feel that I am truly missing the roleplaying invasions which previously occurred at my various apartments in Lexington. I think this is because I am really excited about the Iron Kingdoms roleplaying game coming out this summer. This looks a lot like the old school AEG roleplaying games rules wise but has some new innovations which I am really excited about. The first genius idea is the concept of group chemistry bonus (I don't remember what they call it). The idea is the party can take a feat/advantage which limits the professions to say mercenaries and the whole group gets a bonus. This is a great idea in a game where characters can be anything from mage hating elves, Russian mafia memebers, to good ol fashioned merc foot soldiers. This will really inspire the players to make a group that makes sense. I am excited about Iron Kingdoms because it would be a real competition for me to pick a character.

 Do I play the ex-trencher gun totting hard as nails joe of the line( 

Basically copy the pirate cook/medic (I love this figure

 A gobber mechanic (I basically want to play Reinholdt I could go on but you get the point. 

Not only are the options nearly endless, the really good interesting options are nearly endless. At any rate I am really excited for this and I am already writing my campaign to run in Madison and a few adventures to run anywhere. Hope to see you all gathered round a table to try this out later this summer!

Justin out