Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Beginnings

I will soon be buying Dark Vengeance with the credit I got from selling tau and then trading to double the Dark Angels contents. I also traded from some Razorbacks/Rhino they are work in progress. They came with and base coat and some silver dry brushing. These are a work in progress I hope to do some weathering powder on the treads and the bottom. I did the highlighting.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nearly PhD. prelim taking painting frenzy!!!

Some new circle painted and not based. This will finish up my Baldur 35pt list

I have found the sitting out the figures I need painted to complete a pre-written list really helps. Plus, these guys were really easy to assembly line.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Iron Kingdoms RPG review

So I have run two games of the IKRPG. One after having the book for a single evening and one just today. I think I would give this game a 9, yes 9, out of 10. For comparison I would give 4th ed dnd a 6 and 3rd ed a 7.

The things I like:

1) Super fast fights  ( really we did four fights in two and half hours with role playing on either side and some table talk, coke buying, and other people distractions)

2) Warmachine Mechanics (if you don't like warmachine you likely will not like this)

3) Deadly. Yea you start with like 10 hit points and only ever get to about 20 at most if you really invest in it

4) Lots  of character creation freedom. Sure the careers tell you what you get but.... you pick two out of around 20 careers, you pick a race, and you pick an archetype. Beyond that you pick which stats to up and buy equipment (which can really make a difference in this game)

5) Armor makes you easier to hit and harder to hurt.... There have been far too many moments in Dnd when I was like so......... I wear armor and I dodge better? What?!? I know they are just making it simple as AC represents both nimbly bimblyness and armor but I think those should always be separate.

6) Privateer Press is giving some nice stuff away. Character sheets, Extra monsters, a starting adventure, and encounter sheets (for GMs these rock! Ever wanted a pre-made sheet with the monsters hit points and initiative tracker on the same easy it is) Also they are providing extra monsters and adventures in their bi-monthly magazine.

7) Plays in inches. If you are wargamer you have terrain. I sat up the area for all four encounters on a standard 6' by 4' warhammer table and the players moved seamlessly from encounter to encounter. No more time drawing maps.... and it is very cinematic. Having terrain appeals to me as a wargamer it is much nicer than hand drawn maps.

8) Players can dodge or heal themselves no need for a player to play the "healer". The feat points (much like action points in 4th ed dnd or drama dice in 7th sea) are truly the fuel of the party. Will they use them for offense  or defense?

9) Warjacks can be customized. It's awesome.....

10) the equipment, weapons, and armor make a difference..... a big one.....

Things I don't like

1) I want more.....more warjacks, more spells, more everything

2) Not much for Gamemasters. Only a few monsters in main book and the encounter building guide has serious typos and is not very helpful. I had to run test encounters to figure out what player's could handle.

Overall a great system with great background and rich in depth world.

Totally worth the 60 bucks....especially if you already play warmachine/hordes.

Some pics from the game

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Grayle and Friends

As promised picture of Grayle, the lord of the feast and the Druid Wilder. Also included are the first two figures I ever painted two battle Mechs!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Grayle for the win

Played some great games of warmachine last night.....

Game 1 Win against Dan Circle on Circle Cassius vs Grayle (me)
Dan normally plays Menoth and Cygnar was dabbling with his wife's Circle

Game 2 Win against the new guy (I suck with names sorry dude)
Took an alternate starter circle list for 15pts with Pbaldur Megalith, Woldwyrd, and Woldwatcher again PKreoss starter and min choir and a vassal
I won with the cheap forest to forest move assassination after killing his vassal with a woldwatcher (thus creating a forest next to Kreoss)

Game 3 Loss "Jeff's Revenge"
Grayle (me) versus P Butcher (Khador)
Was slowly losing to the Khador made an attack run by Grayle that missed by an eighth of a inch (after two side steps) The Butcher then "one shoted" Grayle

Grayle is now my favorite warlock (it's official) ....internets be damned.... pics to follow of fully painted Grayle list (still kinda in progress though)