Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Retribution is at Hand....

I have finally given in and ordered some Retribution of Scyrah. For those of you who don't know these are the elves. They are a mix between the eldar and birthright elves. They are convinced the humans are killing their gods by using magic and are committed to hunting down all human mages and warcasters. I got this stuff in exchange for my 4th edition books.

Here is my 35 pt list

Dawnlord Vyros (warcaster)


Dawnguard Invictors


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Menoth vs Khador

Played a game of warmachine on wednesday with Alexander. He kicked my butt but it was the meeting of two mostly painted armies so pictures were needed. It was a bad list match up I brought the weenie killing Severius as my warcaster and he brought non-weenies and weenie immune to fire (Menoths favorite weenie removal system).

Missed the first few turns but this is the initial charge from Khador (All red) Menoth (me red and white)

The Khador reserves

Menoth reserves 

Menoth Bastions vs Khador Men O' War

Khador Spriggin wrecks my Revenger

Not too many Bastions or Men O' War left

Khador die to Severius' spell (this actually should not have happened they were immune to fire)

Oh no! My warcaster within Reach of Beast 09. The template is his melee reach. Somehow the 80 year old man ducked the first shot. He is  nimbly bimbly. 

I try to bring my Vanquisher to umm... vanquish his Beast 09 but it does not pan out. On Alexander's turn he squashes Severius. In the background you can see my knights making a run at his caster. They got shot. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brets vs Beastmen

Played my first campaign game against Beastmen last night. Got beat. Good game though basically my knights won their flank and her Minotaur deathstar won the other. I think at this point I was ahead but instead of running in circles in the corner I choose to go fight. I lined all three of the knight units up for a charge on the bottom of five. She made her charge with a roll of 8 (you now roll for charge distance) on one of my knight units and overan out of the other two units line of sight. My men at arms ran from a unit of ungors with my 4th level mage giving the game to her. We both rolled poorly I think we each made 1 out of 6 ld tests each. My bad luck just came at the end.

Overall now with the brets I am at 4-0-9
the dates are the army book release dates..Brets are 2003

3 games with lizardmen= 3 losses (2009)
This comes down to the fact that I can't beat the Slann in the magic phase. This guy uses the lore of light to give the temple guard (which are unbreakable due to the presence of the Slann) init 10 and always strikes first. This makes an already awesome unit...better. One game I flanked that unit with two units of knights and still didn't beat it...

2 Games with High Elves (2007)
Teclis beat me here in both games. He is now a just awesome and casts such that you cannot dispell on any roll of doubles.....

1 Game Tomb Kings (2002 New book in May)
This one was a good game. I had never played against or even read the tomb king book.  I should have killed the general... I didn't.

1 game Skaven horde (2009)
We screwed up and I took a terror test I did not have to take that ran two units of my knights and my 4th level mage off the table on turn 2( it should also be noted that my bsb was there so I got to reroll the ld 9 test)..... This was a hard way to learn that accidental charges do not cause terror tests.

Chaos (2008)
Well fought game both rolled poorly. He only failed one ld he... won.

See above


High Elves= 2 (2007)
I got there... it was bad....

Dwarf gunline=1
I got there... it was bad....

Vampire Counts
His army was actually illegal but I did win handily

So due to 8th edition Cav nerf and my inability to roll dice I don't feel to bad about this record with what is voted to the by 2nd worst army in warhammer atm. Hopefully the brets get a new rule book this summer along with some new plastic units.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Got Some painting done today

Short post. I finished up my Steelhead cav today. Took a few hours take a look....

P.S. Brets are on a serious losing streak due to a bad rolling trend.... more to come....