Saturday, February 25, 2012

Inquisition Army Continues, Circle gets to play, and Justin Losses Epic Space Battles

I got some good trades and spent my little pile of Tax money that I was allowed to and the Inquisition army has grown. Lots of pictures to follow. A few of the figs are not based, but in fact none of them are based completely, as I am waiting for some snow flock that is on backorder. Seems odd to be waiting for snow in Madison Wisiconsin, but it is what I am doing.  Also likely getting into Malifaux soon...

Also I got to play several games of Waramchine/Hordes in the last two weeks against Jeff. Here are some pics. 



Circle Runs up

Khador moves up

Feral Leaps out to kill the destroyer

gets pulled back by Kaya. This move makes the circle battlebox hard to beat

Khador pops feat all my stuff in frozen in ice. Juggernaut take it to the argus

dead argus as ice makes you auto hit in melee 

Feral takes it to the Juggernaut and finishes it. This is a victory for me as you can win Mangle metal/Tooth and claw games (meaning caster and jacks and beasts only) by killing of the jacks or beats. Jeff almost got me in the next game we played. 

Got to play a game of Firestorm Armada on the same day. I lose this game and also have lost the last few. It has been four games since someone has not rolled double 1's on the crit table on one of my major ships. Also playing Bart's Terrans make mine look like crap. His are amazing!! Some of the cleanest lines in gaming. His are the white mine are the tan and grey (I am in the process of changing the color scheme on mine). 


early moves

double 1's big boom on heavy crusier not on stand


total damage : 1 heavy cruiser, 2 frigates, 1 cruiser, and one heavily damage cruiser. The odds of this are 1 in 36 why does this keep happening to me lol

I try to hold on at the other side. Bart's ships are up top

Shifting, moving, shooting


Bart's Dreadnought bring the pain to my battle ship game over game over...

Last but not least....

Dear GW, 
I am glad you had time to make the new space wolf and tyranid stuff. Its looks great. Where the hell are my necron wraiths and tomb spiders....make them now!!!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Inquisition Army beginnings

This is the first trooper for my inquisition army I am just starting. Just thought I would toss him up. 

The Great Move

Hey I have found little time for this since the great move to Madison, but I will start to repost.

I actually own none of the armies pictured in any of the blogs now. This is largely due to the fact that when moving we could only bring the amount of stuff that could fit in a saturn-the space for two huskies. This leaves little space for little figures. I now play games at

In the mean time and due to the release of Necrons I have built a Necron army. This is largely due to the insistence of Evan and James of the Da Momma's Boyz who made me promise to play the newest army as opposed to my attempts to play the 10 and 12 year old codices. I painted an entire army in less than two months and have added a few figures since. This army has won best painted in two tournaments (one while working with Gunther's wonderfully painted Space Wolves).

I also bought circle from Chuck back in Pullman and have painted many of those.

 The next post will be a collection of figures I have painted over the long hiatus.

More to come