Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Uncharted Seas have been Further Explored and Found to be Explosive

Fer and I played a quick 500 point game of Uncharted after the big move on sunday no pics but here are the highlights. Fer and I both forgot that the elves had a magic card which upon the destruction of their ship it explodes as if you had a rolled a 1 and a 1 on the critical chart. For those of you who don't know this does a 8" radius explosion which does double the hull points in dice of damage. When Fer used it this resulted in 10 dice which blew up all 8 of my frigates 240 of my 500 points. Then another explosion occurred as a result of the crit and more Dragon lords sunk. We called when I only had my damaged flagship left (as the Dragon lord ship is really sturdy but, was at the time outgunned quite badly).

Elves have a card that does big explosions. If an elf player moves all their ships away from an injured one and starts asking about the rules for the double 1's on the crit table, then asks if they are allowed to shoot their own ships..... don't shoot the damaged ship until you are more than 8" away.

Elven heavy cruisers are quite good.

If one player cheats and does not follow the army building rules they tend to win so always follow the army building rules (note i cheated in the previous game and fer cheated in this one in both cases we knew we were doing it but both wanted to try out all of our new models).


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bretonnian First Run

I brought the brets out for their first game this Saturday at the Club. There are not pics because the brets are still in sad shape i.e. some knights were represented by unmanned horses. The army, however, is a ton of fun to play. The new magic schools are great with brets. The lore of beasts with it -1 casting score for beasts and cavalry is just outstanding. The default spell that gives +1 S +1 T makes a unit of knights a beast. The lore of life is also super handy as every time you cast a spell you heal a character so those nasty bret heroes can keep fighting.

My opponent fielded dwarves and I played approx. the list from the previous post.  My opponent chewed through the knights errant with a pair of bolt  throwers but this was significantly slowed by the blessing of the lady (which provided them a 5+ ward save). He also fielded a unit of longbeards with great weapons ( these were represented by warrior models but I didn't know they were longbeard) Thinking they were only warriors I hit all 40 of them with a single knights of the realm unit, but karma struck. I won combat and then he broke, despite getting to roll twice due to the nearness of the battle standard bearer. The KOTR then ran into the dwarven unit the knights errant hand charged hitting them in the flank. Under the new rules the KOTR got to fight again in the same round (as they hit another unit during an overun). The KOTR and the KE then slowly chewed up the hammers and it was pretty much over. The whole time my hero on Pegasus slowly worked his way up the flank and then ate the bolt throwers while the two units of men at arms kept the hand gunners busy.

All and all a fun game that really rekindled my love for Warhammer fantasy. This leaves my favorite games in the following order.

1) Warmachine
2) Warhammer fantasy
3) Uncharted Seas
4) Mordheim
5) 40k

Warhammer makes a huge jump from 5 to 2. 40k slides down the list...


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Uncharted Seas Rise again

In our current warmachine craze Fer and I have forgot about uncharted seas. This is a fine game by Spartan Games with wacky magic and really fun mechanics in which you run into each other. This is a 700 point game. I am playing the Dragonlords (painted green and brown) and Fer is the Thranis Elves (grey and blue). We are both the speedy races so our games are usually quite mobile. I ended up winning this one, though I think it was largely  because Fer allowed me to field two large ships at that point level.

Also I just got the newest game in from spartan games (thank you from Uncle Louie and Pop). This runs on the same system as Uncharted but is steam punk. The starter box set runs 55 dollars but comes with 4 sheets of templates, stat cards, and 15 models plus 10 resin fighter tokens. The detail on these are just amazing and individual rivets can be seen. Pics will be up of the first game I play or when I get them painted.

Opening Moves

The elves dragons (known as Super Mega Chicken and Blue) have taken some damage show by the red dice

The Elven battle ship and unpainted Dragonlord Flagship exchange fire

Dragon lords open fire screened by their own frigates. The mages aboard one of the capital ships casts a spell (the card on the table). 

The Elven dragons and battleship put quite a beating on the Dragonlord Flagship. Note the two dice on the center of the ship red for hull damage and purple for loss of crew. 

The battle from the perspective of the Dragonlord dragon carrier.

The back to back maneuverer of mine was a poor choice as Fer rakes two of my large ships in one turn. 

The ships are intertwined towards the end of the battle we managed to play this one without a single accidental collision and all time record for us. 

Bretonnian Army in Progress

Started putting the bretonnian army together and have made some decent progress despite the real life craziness going on. Here is the current 2000 point list

Bretonnia Army
Mounted on Pegasus, Virtue of Heroism, Heartwood Lance, enchanted shield, potion of speed

4th level, warhorse

Paladin Standard

 Virtue of Confidence, shield, gauntlet of the duel, Pegasus, sword of striking, lance

2nd level, dispel scroll, Blessing item

11 Knights of the Realm Full Command

11 Knights Errant Full Command

30 Halbs Full Command

29 Halbs Full Command

24 Peasant Bowmen w/musician Brazier

1 Field Trebuchet


Its a little character heavy but eh its bretonnians so if any force should be its them.... here is some pics in progress...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just got my Britannia stuff in the mail today. Pretty crazy week due to non-gaming non-archaeology stuff ,non-family, non-friend stuff (that pesky real life stuff I don't like to think about like taxes and bureaucratic nonsense). At any rate these starter boxes are by far spartan games best stuff so far. There was a lot of flak on the models and some of it was a bit hard to remove but the contents are a sweet deal. Overall there are 15 ships/planes 10 fighter tokens (these should really be counted among the figures they are nice). This game seems a lot like the others rules wise and figures are really nice. I can't wait to play it, but due to above mentioned crap it might be awhile


Spent the evening watching battle reports by this guy. This gives me some serious hope for the Bretonnians in 8th edition. Some people online are really hating on them. Watching him in these reports inspired me to change my initial list a bit. List to follow.

Link to his youtube stuff here:

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Blog What I got

Well this is going to be my blog about gaming and whatnot so I feel I should let you know what I like to play and slowly go through and introduce my forces. Since I live in Pullman I am one of Da Momma's Boyz and spend a lot of my time down at the club. Right now I am all about the following games and forces.

Warhammer Fantasy: Just getting into 8th and literally just received two battalion boxes of brets. Will be putting those together this week hopefully as I can.

Warhammer 40k: Imperial Guard likely up to around 3,000 total points

Warmachine: May favorite game at the moment and maybe for quite some time. Have a fully painted Menoth army and tons of Mercs in various stages of painted

Uncharted Seas: Dragon  Lords painted (fun little game that we tend to forget about finally played a game on saturday)

Firestorm: Fully painted Terrans

Dystopian: Brittania in the mail heading this way

Justin out