Thursday, May 5, 2011

Traveller Summer 2011

Starting another d20 Traveller Campaign before I leave here is the backstory

Traveller Campaign Background (Short Version)

                No matter how hard humanity tried we could not get people off the planet fast enough to stem the tide of population growth and industry. Earth became a cesspool of disease and famine as slowly the best and brightest  made their way to the surrounding systems. Shortly after humankind had terraformed our tenth planet, we discovered a system which contained something we never expected to find among the stars: ourselves.
                Instantly a war developed between the Solmani (as we began to call ourselves) and the Vilani. After capturing a Vilani we discovered that they descended from Neanderthals and were taken from our planet by an ancient and now deceased race.  The Vilani had a feudal government and were well spread among over a hundred systems, so at first the Solmani did well. Our slightly less advanced technology was quickly replaced with that of the Vilani and our superior numbers lead to many victories. After taking over 40 systems in only 50 years, the war came to a grinding halt. Our superior numbers were now diminished and due to the time consuming nature of interstellar travel we began to simply trade systems. Armadas would leave to conquer only to find their port of call destroyed in their absence.
It is unclear now who released the virus. The computer virus was like nothing seen before moving from ship to ship and mutating as it went. Some versions of the virus simply opened the airlocks, while others sought to take care of the humans on board.  The virus eventually swept through the major planets of both sides crippling the governments and sending the citizens into a technological Dark Age.
We of the Sword Worlds were fortunate In that we could set up a blockade. Forrest’s point provides a system in which all ships must stop before entering the Sword World systems and the naval base located there destroyed any ships that approached, keeping the diseased ships out. In this way the light of civilization remained lit. The remainder of the Solmani military formed the Reformation Coalition (RC) to control the ships yards, transportation of goods from one system to the next, and act well armed merchant marines and mercenaries. While each of the planets of the Sword Worlds formed their own governments, the RC held much power. 
For 200 years we guarded the point, until finally a ship got through. A group of terrorists attempted to stop the destruction of the ship, but were killed. Using the disease found on the ship, an anti-virus was created. In the past 10 years this anti-virus has allowed veterans of RC service to go past the blockade and explore the remains of the Viliani and Solmani empires. We are the torch bearers seeking to relight the flames of civilization.

and the planets....

Planets of the Sword World

1)       Dnieper  Tech Level 10 estimated population 500 million
This planet was colonized during the war by Russia and China. Due to overpopulation once these countries got Vilani technology they used it to build massive colony ships. These ships held several million people each. Instead of terraforming planets, upon arrival these ships were cannibalized to build climate controlled spires for the population to live in. 200 years after this virus Dnieper contains an estimated half of the total population of the Sword Worlds, but almost none of the resources. Dnieper is a hell hole controlled by gangs and criminals. Few people make it off of Dnieper and those that do rarely go back.
Characters from Dnieper gain -1 edu, +1 con
2)      Masmune Tech Level 12 population 20 million
This planet is mostly water with gravity slightly less than earth. Most electronic industry takes place on Masmune. Masumune is also this base of operations for the Renaku electronics corp, which supplies the RCS with all of its high grade weapons and armor. Culturally this planet is a mix of the United States and Japan. The current chairwoman of the RCS, Hitomi O’Connell hails from Masumune. Masmune is ruled by an elected prime minister.
Characters from Masmune gain +1 Dex and -1 Str
3)      Excalibur  Tech Level 11 population 10 million
This planet is largely agricultural and provides much of the food for the entire sector. The people of Excalibur are salt of the earth and often are considered somewhat backward by those from other planets. Pendragon station orbits Excalibur. Pendragon station is the base of opertations for RCS shipping and ship construction. It was built by the Solmani Navy as a ship yard right before the virus.  Excalibur is a monarchy. Culturally Excalibur is English, Scottish, and Irish.

Characters from Excalibur gain +1 Wis, -1 Soc

Characters born on Pendragon gain +1 Edu, -1 Str

4)      Durandal  Tech Level 11 population 12 million
This planet is highly volcanic with gravity higher than Earth’s. Marines are often recruited from Durandal. This planet is very resource rich in minerals required to build star ships and is the reason the Pendragon station was located in this sector. Little food is grown here and thus food is imported from Excalibur. Durandal is rules by an elected council. Culturally Durandal is German.
                                Characters from Durandal gain +1 Str and -1 Dex
5)      Outward Duchies Tech Level 7-10 estimated population 1 million
If the people of Excalibur are considered backward the people of the Duchies are considered shoeless backward and inbreed. These two systems feature a number of terrformed moons each with their own ruling government. No moon has a population over 100,000 people. These areas can be quite lawless, and those that hail from there are very self reliant.  The Outward Duchies are a melting pot.

Characters from the Outward Duchies gain -2 Soc and +1 Str and +1 Wis

6)      Terran’s Outpost Tech Level 4 (12)
Nathaniel Terran took control of this planet four years ago and re- built a old solomani space port.  It is a good place to buy and sell supplies out in the black. It is also a place to sell goods taken without being taxed by the RCS. Only 500 sword worlder’s live there,  though they work alongside many savages

yea I stole most of it I know....

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