Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lots of painting in the last two weeks and i have been thinking about the new 6th edition 40k rules next week will have my 6th edition Tau lists for now here are a lot of pictures.

Justin Out

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I have been living in Montrose, Colorado for the past few weeks and will be here until late summer. I have brought some figures from my newly acquired Tau army as well as my slowly building Cygnar army to paint while out here. Here are the first ones.

I know the kroot are not really all that creative but I like them. I need to find an old school stealth team leader, though by the looks of the 6th edition 40k rumors assault weapons may not be all they used to be. The sentinel (the cygnar light) is one of my favorite jacks. The internet truly hates it but I wonder what rules they are reading. D6 pow 10 shots is down right amazing for 4 points. With Kraye these become boosted and with PHaley all targets are typically -2 def. It also has shield guard which I feel is highly under rated (especially with Kraye). 

At any rate I feel that I am truly missing the roleplaying invasions which previously occurred at my various apartments in Lexington. I think this is because I am really excited about the Iron Kingdoms roleplaying game coming out this summer. This looks a lot like the old school AEG roleplaying games rules wise but has some new innovations which I am really excited about. The first genius idea is the concept of group chemistry bonus (I don't remember what they call it). The idea is the party can take a feat/advantage which limits the professions to say mercenaries and the whole group gets a bonus. This is a great idea in a game where characters can be anything from mage hating elves, Russian mafia memebers, to good ol fashioned merc foot soldiers. This will really inspire the players to make a group that makes sense. I am excited about Iron Kingdoms because it would be a real competition for me to pick a character.

 Do I play the ex-trencher gun totting hard as nails joe of the line( 

Basically copy the pirate cook/medic (I love this figure

 A gobber mechanic (I basically want to play Reinholdt I could go on but you get the point. 

Not only are the options nearly endless, the really good interesting options are nearly endless. At any rate I am really excited for this and I am already writing my campaign to run in Madison and a few adventures to run anywhere. Hope to see you all gathered round a table to try this out later this summer!

Justin out